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Training Devices

We have a fully developed manufacturing capability in house for training aid design and manufacturing. From basic pipe bombs to fully integrated vehicles up to city bus size, we have the capability to design and build the perfect device(s) to meet your training or evaluation goals. We have developed and use multiple monitoring methods to ensure all of our devices are properly monitored while still maintaining the absolute minimum in simulation and in some cases, no simulation. If your team does a recon or an X-ray on our devices, they will not notice anything that wouldn't be there if the device were real. 

We take the safety and security of our customers seriously.While we know people like to look at pictures and have info instantly available, we cannot meet that desire while still maintaining operations security. Please call or email for information on the devices and designs we have available. 

IED/WMD Training aid capabilities:

1. Advanced programmable devices

2. Full telemetry

3. Auto-resets

4. Partial device bypass

5. Custom circuit board design and programming

6. CNC fabrication and machining

7. Cutting/welding

8. Advanced sensor integration

For questions and to place an order please email "" or call us at 940-387-8196

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