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Precision Aim Trainer ($720)

This training system allows EOD/PSBS technicians to train on or be evaluated on their speed and skill in the employment of disruptors as well as their speed and skill in using an X-ray system with XTK software and a grid aim system.

The training system uses a smartphone app, a control box, and expendable target boards to create a timed scenario. A specific target must be hit which is recorded by the timer. Projectiles deviating from the target will trigger a failure.



1. iOS/Android app download instructions 

2. Bluetooth interface control box

3. (2) interconnect cables

4. (10) Target boards (low difficulty)

5. (10) Target boards (medium difficulty)

6. (10) Target boards (high difficulty)

7. (1) Roll, target board breakwire

Note:Replacement boards are available in packs of ten for a low cost. However, most shots should not require replacement of the target board. 

For questions and to place an order please email "" or call us at 940-387-8196

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